Hailing from Poland, this anonymous solo project debuts with a relatively modern sounding atmo black/trad black fusion that calls from the past and the present. I gotta say I’m not totally a fan of the “tagging their album ‘MGLA’ on bandcamp because they’re from Poland” meme, but that aside, I can definitely say I’m a fan. The frigid torrents of atmospheric assault combine seamlessly with the more traditional riff style of the past kings of the genre. The biggest comparison I can make is that this sounds like a less polished, calmer version of Setherial’s Nord…  , which considering that is one of my favorite black metal albums of all time, is very high praise from me. Battle of Heaven in particular is an incredibly complete track that showcases just how much potential this artist has. I will say I wasn’t totally a fan of the acoustic sections, as I felt that they halted the momentum of the album, however I can appreciate attempts at a folkier sound and giving some nods to something like old Ulver. I’m putting this here particularly because of how professional this sounds for a solo project debut, especially consider normally I only love these kinds of albums if they are particularly bizarre (which usually makes up for the lack of a polished, because im just a degenerate who likes weird shit regardless of quality sometimes). There are times where the album clips when it has no business doing so, but I mean, this is a fucking black metal album, I won’t hold it against him too much. Despite it’s faults, this is a very solid release that I recommend for those looking for good blend of modern techniques and production, without most of the played out trends in modern black metal albums.

where to buy: https://overthevoids.bandcamp.com/album/over-the-voids