Easily one of the most epic atmo black metal albums I’ve ever heard. It takes upon a lot of the conceptual ideas behind the cascadian scene, with triumphant riffs and soaring chords, with vocals that lack any kind of satanic evil. However it still retains that traditional edge and coldness that the nordic scene founded, resulting in one of the most genuine brainchilds of the cascadian sound I’ve ever heard. The most insane part of this is that there isn’t a single bad song on the entire album, although in particular the first 5 tracks are near flawless, culminating in the title track’s near uplifting main melody that is honestly one of my favorite atmo black songs of all time. If you thought Wolves in the Throne Room https://e.snmc.io/lk/o/l/2a52e07f981d6b4da4dbca19595719c9/2123913.jpg was too pretty, and you missed the remnants of that classic black metal sound, but still liked the idea of behind this music, this is the album you’re looking for. I fucking need to listen to their new album, so stoked to get into this band, this would probably be one of my AOTY’s of 2013 if I was really into black metal back then.

where to buy: https://wacht.bandcamp.com/album/indigen

good i want that vinyl so badly, that sold out sign makes me sad 😦 . Will probably cop the CD next month or so, I need that glorious cover in my collection.