Kalmankantaja – Waldeinsamkeit


Been looking for a good, prolific, foresty atmo black artist to dig into and I think I found one option. Melancholic with a sense of pagan atmosphere and ancient ambience, perfect for rainy/snowy afternoons to pass the time with maybe a hot cup of coffee or tea. The synth works is also pretty decent, the last full synth track was surprisingly very enjoyable.

where to buy: https://kalmankantaja.bandcamp.com/


Horns & Hooves – Morbid Lust


Straight up silly first wave worship. Kicks ass and take names, but has a wickedly stupid sense of humor. I mean just look at that fucking cover. One of the tracks is called “Cuckolded by Satan”. How can you not love this?

where to buy: https://hornsandhooves.bandcamp.com/


Absconditus – Κατάβασις


I, Voidhanger rarely disappoints, and once again they bring one of the best DSO worship projects I’ve ever heard. Rarely does the term “technical black metal” ever really mean anything to me, however I absolutely would say it’s safe to describe this as much, albeit with a much proggier emphasis than it’s counterparts. The last two tracks don’t really add anything to the album other than restating the previous ideas, but other than this is quite stellar, managing to be appropriately pretentious without being totally overbearing.

where to buy: https://i-voidhangerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/k


Also want to give a shout out to Peste Noire – L’ordure à L’état pur.


I’m trying to keep this series to albums that aren’t totally well known, however this was probably my favorite album of the past couple of days so i feel like I need to post it here. One of my friends wrote this in a rym review and it’s the greatest single sentence ever written about this album: “Famine is the only batshit insane motherfucker capable of trying too hard to do something, but still succeed at it.” – hejops. This is eclectic to an annoying degree, but somehow it manages to all work out in the end, via pure country bumpkin magic.

where to buy: couldn’t find a primary source to buy this album, so here’s the discogs page https://www.discogs.com/Peste-Noire-LOrdure-L%C3%89tat-Pur/release/9495686