Don’t be fooled by the Greek location, this is nordic worship through and through, and a damn good imitation at that. Not quite as purely blistering as much of it’s norwegion inspiration, but it combines just a hair bit of the mid paced aspects of the greek sound with cold, satanic vocals and the classic purely tremelo riffs. As others have said, if this was just a single with the title track as the only song, this would probably have a better or at least the same quality. That’s probably one of the best black metal songs of the mid 90s, executing the second wave sound better than most of it’s founders in my opinion. In contrast to some other Darkthrone tracks, ADES sound so much cleaner and well thought out, while still retaining a grim and evil sound. It’s like some classic 93-94 second wave, but the musicians aren’t immensely intoxicated.

Unfortunately, the utter waste of a track that is The Desecration almost ruins what could’ve been THE elite mid 90s classic of it’s scene. I just really wish The Desecration wasn’t here, or at least not 8 minutes long. It’s so insanely repetitive, with the worst drumming on the record, and the same shitty riff over and over again. It honestly sounds like it’s from an entirely different project, no idea how it got on here to basically close the album.

This is still in elite company, and one of the premier early greek records, even though it borrows barely anything from the traditional greek sound.