As far as stacking up in the realm of the latest hipster black metal scene albums, this sticks out among the upper half, but not in the elite. The first track has pretty much all of the bands best ideas and is the most black metal out of all of them, while the second track just feels like this empty wasteland of generic stoner shit with some tremelo riffs. As a whole this all sounds like Altar of Plagues 2: Hippie Boogaloo, although I don’t mean that totally in a bad way. Altar is one of my fav bands, and I love hippie stoner shit as much as the next metal hipster. But… man idunno, there’s just something off about all of this. The pacing often feels like way too extended, and the production turns everything into mush, for the good (massive walls of sound) and the bad (where the fuck are we in the song again?). That and I feel like despite this being one of the better post-black albums I’ve ever heard, these same ideas have been done better by more elite bands. And I wish the band would’ve just said “fuck it, we’re putting stoner metal riffs in here”, because that’s really the one thing that this album has that separates it from the crowd. It has a very distinct american sound to it.

So in that way, this is sort of like Cobalt for people who drive Priuses, which being honest, is something I can’t definitely fuck with in moderation.