Aww geez… man I think my rating of this is way skewed by the fact that i heard their ep first. It was so much rawer and had so much more energy. This has the classic sound that I’m looking for but it’s just slightly off somehow. It feels like they’re going for a bouncy more midtempo approach with some more atmospheric elements and a softer production job. But as a result the base sound is fantastic but… man idunno, it just feels off. It’s not the gut punch I wanted. Like it’s classic black metal but it’s nowhere near as ruthless as I wanted it to be. Feels lazy at times, plus it’s immense length can be daunting. I’m still giving this a 7 though because I genuinely think a lot of these opinions are strictly due to the fact that I liked their Ep earlier this year a lot better, and this was not quite what I expected. In fact if this wasn’t almost an hour long I’d probably rate this higher anyway. Ultimately disappointing but still a good album.


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