Easily my Dungeon Synth AOTY so far, and honestly I could consider this one of the most essential Dungeon Synth releases of the last 5 years. What maybe this lacks in originality, it makes up for in lacks of an flaws to speak of. This is the classic dungeon synth formula, twisted into a nostalgic masterpiece that harkens back to n64 games such as Majoras Mask. Honestly if you were to tell me that these tracks were made by a professional video game composer i would believe you, this production value is so fucking good it’s unreal, and it manages to do that while still sounding 100% authentic and not cheesy at all. I was expecting zilch from this and got back one of my favorite albums of the year. The songwriting here i unreal for dungeon synth, this is a must listen for fans of the genre.


LINK: https://gatekeeper2.bandcamp.com/album/sunnhild