I think it would be a bit pointless to do a full track by track review of this album, because honestly the formula for whether or not a track on Hoagascht is good or not is pretty evident and consistent.

1. How annoying is the drum machine?
2. How much does it sound like atmospheric black metal rather than this weird pseudo attempt at industrial woods metal?
3. Does it have the wonderful esoteric synths that define this band?
4. Does it combine those synths and field recordings with the wonderful melodies Lunar Aurora is known for when they’re not just doing wall of sound stuff?

You can just use this checklist for every track and you’ll find the stuff that’s the best and what is the worst, at least i did. The drum machine really does try hard to ruin this album, particularly through abrupt pattern changes and mid tempo patterns that don’t really fit the mood of the album. However when it’s relegated to a background sound like it should be, the personality pf Lunar Aurora shines through, and the album works wonderfully. While there truly isn’t a bad track on here, consistency is an issue, and while I have no doubt they could’ve done infinitely worse (in fact the did good here), the send off to a legend wasn’t all that it could’ve been in my opinion.