Every time that Wiegedood releases an album, I can’t help but wonder why Oathbreaker continues to exist when this has always been the superior project. Granted, I’m not someone who thinks that they’re a top tier band like others do, but the margins between their praise and what I think is appropriate is kinda slim. What I’ve heard of Wiegedood has been that they’re a relatively standard, and bit safer take on traditional black metal, while having enough artistic flair to get noticed by those unfamiliar with the genre. In short, they’re a relatively popular band that has some obvious relatively popular appeal, with concludes in some relatively obvious quality.

Relative of course, because I feel like they’re good to a point but because they take so few risks they end up sounding good, but rather bland. De Doden Hebben het Goed III is more of the same, though at a much shorter run time, which personally I’m not a fan of. Their previous aprox. 38 minute runs times were great, and I got to say I kinda miss those extra 4-5 minutes. We don’t even hit 34 here, and while this is one of the most consistent releases I’ve heard this year, Parool doesn’t work amazingly as a finisher, and I would’ve rather liked another 6-7 minute track to really beef up the ideas of this record. That or just make the 4th track around 12-13 minutes long, that might’ve even been better.

That said, there isn’t a whole lot to complain about. Like i said before, the band is doing what they normally do once again, and that’s make some kvlt sounding black metal for people who aren’t experienced with it. It’s solid all around with little flaws, but little high points. Although if I were to critique one more thing, it would be that the structure of all the songs seems to be really stale and predictable. Start off with some harsher black metal with just a tinge of orthodox influence, then have a short interlude and transition to atmospheric black metal. It’s not a bad formula, but when every song is nearly the same it gets tiring. And quite frankly, no doubt due to their musical heritage, they’re better as an atmo black band than a trad black band. Doodskalm ends up easily being the best track on the album, primarily because it’s mostly melodic and passionate atmo black.

Considering the success of Oathrbreaker, I don’t see this band changing it’s formula any time soon. They’ve obviously found something that works, even for me. I think 3 albums in I’ve learned my lesson to really get insanely hype for one of their releases, but on the other hand this album has pretty much confirmed that I won’t be disappointed.