If anyone has ever wondered what i meant by the german atmo black sound, this is it. Stoic, introspective, a sense of melody, distinctly adhering to the most traditional aspects of black metal and even when appealing to nature it provides a much darker tone on the subject.

Anthologie Der Abkehr is one of the best damn specimens I’ve ever found to get at my point, and it’s also one of the best damn atmo black albums I’ve ever heard period. While the overall idea of each song remains relatively unchanged throughout, no two song is totally alike, namely with different melodic motifs and different emphasis on mood. It’s one thing to write the same song 6 times and call it an album, it’s another to write a great fucking song 6 times in a row all using roughly the same ideas. This is so damn consistent and universally appealing that throughout all my listens i got the same joy intently listening to it as I did having it more in the background. It never reaches an elite level, but there isn’t a speck of disappointment on here.

This is highly recommended for atmo black purists, very rarely do bands use that genre nowadays to improve upon and execute the roots of it, rather than using atmo black as a tool to do more crazy shit. And as much as I like crazy shit, insane fundamentals has to have it’s place.