Boy howdy, as much as I love french black metal, I love it even more when they base most of their melodies of french folk melodies. I don’t typically see that in more atmospheric based black metal, but it works extremely well here. This album seems like a less melodic combination of Forteresse and Aorlhac, with an emphasis on folkier, rural aesthetics rather than any medieval or pure nationalistic ideas.

The length is perfect, the production is stellar, about the only thing I can really complain about is that I wish the alternated between atmo black and black metal more. The majority of this record is a bit of an in-between, and it works really well, but I wish there was more tracks like track 1. Hooligan rural black metal has a place in my heart, especially the French shit. Feels weirdly danceable and gets my heart pumping every time.

Really stellar album, though I think less acoustic guitar and more folk metal would’ve done this thing good.