There’s something to be said for the concept “simple yet effective”. True that this is about as basic as you can get for neoclassical dungeon synth, but I wouldn’t necessarily knock that as a bad thing. There’s enough embarrassing examples in this genre (particularly in the 90s) to where simple and good is all I can really ask for to a point.

It seems that every time something is tagged neoclassical or say Dungeon Synth Archives I’m like taking a plunge into the unknown whenever I click the link. It might be fantastic, it might be something a big titty goth thot would listen to. Candledance is about as aesthetic neutral as possible, which is actually impresses given the scene at the time. Lots of even the more tonal dungeon synth records focused on black magic or dark medieval dungeons rather than pleasant piano keyboard songs or sad, longing synth melodies in a relatively clean production. So in a weird way, this stands out by being as unnoticeable as possible, and in a world where every listen is an adventure, some stability can be quite welcome.