I’ll say it, this is basically Mortiis but better. Well really, most artists who copied Mortiis were better than him, but that’s another topic entirely. I’ve been a bit disillusioned with Thangorodrim’s later work because I honestly think he perfected his sound with his first two albums. Towers of the Teeth is definitely better, but this is one of the best dark/epic dungeon synth album in modern times however small of a niche that may be.

The biggest difference between Taur-nu-Fuin and it’s competitors is that while Mortiis and all of his copycats try to go hard on the droning epic aspect of the style, Thangorodrim has a sense of progression that most of his peers don’t. No idea is ever sat upon for too long, yet it still remains cohesive throughout. At the same time, the format of 4 very long songs work fantastically, and is another improvement of the traditional darker/ambient Mortiis style. Mortiis would sometimes fuck off on an idea for like half an hour, whereas Thangorodrim’s music still manages to sound grand in scale but without getting tiresome and boring.

This is one of the few incredibly popular modern albums that I see as such for a reason, highly recommended for fans of classic dungeon synth.


LINK: https://thangorodrimsynth.bandcamp.com/album/taur-nu-fuin-remaster