One of my favorite doom metal albums this year. I’ve been slacking on funeral doom consumption for a good while, and this hits the spot well. Pretty standard, but extremely well executed. Ataraxie doesn’t try to go out of their wheelhouse too much, but manages to craft an 80 minute funeral doom album that didn’t bore me. I tend to think lots of funeral doom (especially now) tends to have it’s head up it’s ass with it’s aesthetic and monotonous riffing. I wouldn’t remotely call this technical, but it does at least try to create some form of structure and riffs to where there’s something to hold onto when listening. Also evolution, this ain’t a drone album, and although I can respect bands that do try that approach when it comes to funeral doom, I do prefer generally speaking when I hear more than 3 notes a minute in a metal album.

All in all great stuff, a very good return after 6 years.