Man, In Degrees right? I mean Exits is great too but jesus, In Degrees might be my song of the year. If there is anything I can put as a true “2019 EletricLizard anthem” it would be that song. Well I mean, maybe not a legit theme song for me personally, but it’s certainly one of my favorite anthemic songs of the year.

It was so much that point that for a good while this was one of my AOTY contenders just because I was so blinded by the grooves and how damn catchy some moments on this album are. I’ll be straight up, I’m not exactly an authority on Indie Rock or any kinda of Franz Ferdinand ripoffs, but sometimes this album fucking rocks my world. When Foals sticks more to their roots as a groovey, mathy Dance-Punk band, the mid 00s post-punk worship works great for me as a secondary influence. Again In Degrees, Exists, White Onions to a degree, like really the entire first half is a barn burner. It’s the kind of shit I want to embarrass myself to by posting dance covers on like, fucking twitter or something. Just like, doing insanely cringey dances, thank god no one recorded me while I was listening to fully review this, that’s all I’ll say.

Point is, when they are on, they are on, and that just makes it even sadder when they spend so much of this album uhh… not being on. Or rather, being about as off as turning the lights off to go to sleep. Basically sleeping with a night light on. The atmospheric tracks, as much as I can safely say there’s truly no “bad” track on this album, just KILL momentum and interest for me. Sunday works to a certain degree, in that at least they 100% commit to the slower aesthetic, but otherwise I really wish Foals would just for one album do one genre. Or at least, why style of one blend of genres. I like the fact that they are eclectic, but this feels like a 60/40 split between two different albums, the 60 being the slower stuff, and the 40 being the energetic dance/indie punk. The 40 carries this album so hard it’s kinda funny, but that just makes me feel ever sadder that this could’ve been so much greater. Foals  have basically been one realization of the concept of consistency from being an all time great band for about a decade now. Hoping part 2 maybe solves this.