Origin of Abhorrence is a weird album for me, because on some level, I’d like to think this is almost perfect to a degree on at least a technical level, but something is holding me back from really committing to this being awesome. Sure, the production is fucking amazing, you’re not going to find too much of a better mix of mid level chugging riffs and sludgy guitar tones, along with a good mixed tin can drum sound. Like, for Brutal Death Metal, this is good as hell.

But there’s just…. it lacks a certain personality. Even hearing the main riff to Injected Suffering (which is almost bluesy in a weird way) still doesn’t phase me as much as it should. It would be wrong to say this is totally by the book, but everything here is just so mid ranged and mild that I feel like a certain lack of commitment to anything in particular actually hampers the experience. Sure, a lot of that is because this is an album where if you hear one song,  you’ve basically heard them all, but in extreme metal (and really, metal and to a degree most music in general) that’s generally true on most albums.

I think the issue here is that in trying to in my mind achieve a lack of faults, they’ve achieved that in a way where it lacks pure strengths. I think imo the extreme ends of death and black metal need commits to something odd. Obviously I don’t want a horror movie sample every fucking track (this seriously pisses me off, especially when they start taking up half the track every fucking time), but you need a commitment to an aesthetic that distinguishes you from everyone else.

Displeased Disfigurement’s aesthetic on this album is “we’re generally  better BDM makers than others”, and that’s a great start, but in a genre that’s built on being off the wall and totally fucking stupid (especially with the slam influences here), I feel like as a whole there’s a general lack of attempt to stand out and take risks, which detracts from an otherwise great record.



LINK: https://displeaseddisfigurement.bandcamp.com/album/origin-of-abhorrence