Well this was one of the most surprising growers in a while. Thought this was dull as shit for a good while until one day it just randomly “clicked”. Though by clicked I mean I thought it was at least kinda decent. As a whole, Vanishing Forms is still by the numbers bandcamp Ambient Drone, but what’s at least a bit interesting to me is how much neutral energy radiates from here. By that I mean, I feel as though lots of the albums from the same genre tend to be very happy clappy and going fora  warm hug feeling. This feels neither cold and isolating, nor warm and accepting. I just sorta exists in a way that’s hard for me in particular to perfectly articulate.

Just sorta existing is ok in my book. Not everything needs to make a grand entrance and have a large presence, music included. It feels like there’s a significant lack of judgement in this music, for better or for worse. As much as my job here is kinda to judge this, I appreciate the the drones sounding like they don’t care. I know that sounds like a weird sentence, but I’ve heard so much cheesy post-rocky/ambient drone stuff that feels like it’s’ trying so damn hard to make you feel emotional that this is weirdly refreshing.

As a whole, this is very by the book, but the book it’s referring to is a one that’s not often delved into by other ambient artists (at least not unless they’re doing some arctic ambient stuff), and for that small bit, I can appreciate this. This music just sorta exists, but in a sense it sounds like it’s just sorta ok with existing, and that’s weirdly refreshing. I say you should probably not expect much from this album, but in return this album won’t expect much back, so in that kind of relationship I think people can manage.


LINK: https://archivesdubmusic.bandcamp.com/album/vanishing-forms