There’s some black magic in these woods, huh? Nubiferous has been the master throughout their entire career of creating ritualistic, dark and coniferous soundscapes that warp the listener into a faraway wooded land, where mysterious rituals and magic lurks. It’s been a couple years since I last checked in on him, and I got to say, this is the darkest album I’ve heard from him yet.

Whereas his earlier work could maybe be mistaken for forest whimsy at some parts, Jol is a look into darker, perhaps even evil rituals that go on when no one is watching in the woods. Describing an ambient album as “meditative” is as obvious as it gets normally, but rather here I would like to use the word “transfixed”. There’s something memorizing about the flutes and esoteric synths, this truly feels like a very focused adventure into another world. The biggest problem I have is not that I don’t like what there is, but that I want so much more. The 28 minute run time just doesn’t give me enough time to enough time to fully appreciate the soundscapes, particular since there are only two tracks that are 10 minutes long. This felt like the perfect time for a 4 track, 10 minute apiece 4 part album to lay down 4 different scenes, but as is feels like basically half a story. I want to know so much more about the world Nubiferous puts forth, but  all I get are parts to a great story and some anecdotes.

It’s unfortunate, but despite feeling incomplete, the music that is here is great, even if perhaps the two meaty tracks can feel a bit similar at times. Jol is a different album than I was expecting but I like the direction all the same, and just wish it was further fleshed out as a whole.