Coniferous Myst has exploded onto the Dungeon Synth scene as of late with his minimalist compositions of wide array of aesthetics one his different projects, though he describes his music as “TRUE MOUNTAIN SYNTH” as a whole. I personally have loved most of what I’ve heard of him, but this is the first time I’ve really dug into one of his main works, devoid of particular aesthetic charm or theme. In my exploration on IV, I’ve found that when lacking something specific to attach onto, particular a specific theme, Coniferous Myst’s suffers greatly compared to where it could be, as a previously charming and happy synth sound turns quite nameless and without personality without the artist coercing you into an attachment to a theme.

IV is not a bad album by any stretch, by all means this has all the makings of a standard Coniferous Myst album. This problem is at this point, Coniferous Myst’s sound, again devoid from themed side projects, where in my opinion he’s at this best, stops sounding fresh the fourth time over. It was completely fresh before, and now it’s becoming obvious that there is a limit to his creative skill set.

Aside from various generic Tolkien based themes, there isn’t much about this 17 minute release that grips me or takes me somewhere I haven’t been before. That wouldn’t be a huge problem, but the minimalist design exacerbates the lack of flair presented and crafts a much more boring listening experience.

I believe that Coniferous Myst can do so much better, despite the fact that he’s largely done the same thing most of his career. His imagination and penance for esoteric themed projects will always keep him a mainstay in the Dungeon Synth scene, but IV feels if anything like a return to normal, which for Coniferous Myst is the last thing I wanted.