It’s been a while since I last indulged in Spectral Kingdom, and while my first impression wasn’t that great, I figured it had been a while, let’s see what they’re up to now.

Turns out it’s more of the same, but on a much more minimalist level. Til Death Shall Loose Me sounds in a word, lazy. In more than one word, an apparent total lack of any inspiration at all. Not much is inherently bad about it (although At the Edge of Night really just screams that it was made in less than an hour), but the production is bland, the melodies and instrumentation are bland, and altogether this sounds like a made for tv Victorian era goth movie from the late 90s.

The title track shows some signs of life after the introduction, but otherwise in such a short time, this really manages to say so little. Sounds like something the artist cooked up in an afternoon for fun, which is fine I do that too, but I don’t do the disservice of making the cover cooler than the actual music to give me hope.

A forgettable release to be sure, hears hoping that My Doom Was Foretold showcases much improvement, or at least a sign of a significant attempt at something with any amount of effort involved. They have the production down, now they just need to have more then 3 instruments in a whole song and melodies that actually go somewhere.


Below Average