Thrash metal as a genre has seemed to have stagnated after it’s peak in the 80s, with tons of other neo-thrash bands trying to recapture it’s former glory. Critical Defiance comes in from Chile with little pedigree as a potential leader to a rebirth. But while obviously the future cannot ever be truly predicted, if there is ever to be a revival of the previous thrash sound that inspired so many in the 80s, if it is not Critical Defiance themselves, a band similar to them (perhaps with more exposure) is going to lead the way.

Misconception is such an insane breath of fresh air in frankly, how old the air this album breaths is. In the words of many a jaded old metalhead “they just dont make ‘em like that anymore”. You’d be hard pressed to find much that sounds like Misconception in 2019, not because it’s a new sound, but because it’s perhaps one of the most faithful and authentic recreation of the style of some of the greatest thrash metal ever made. One could perhaps call this “Metallica worship”, and while they wouldn’t totally be wrong (lots of Ride the Lightning influence here) leaving it at that would be missing the point.

This isn’t just wannabe Ride the Lightning, this is material that goes toe to toe with some of the greats, and in my mind is the best thrash album since Terminal Redux, period. However the achieves the same greatest in vastly different ways. While Terminal Redux is rather groundbreaking for a thrash album, Misconception treads old ground that hasn’t been truly tread on in a very long time.

There isn’t much else to say about this album, front to back there are no weak spots or flaws to speak of. If there is one essential metal album of the first half of 2019, it is this. And for all of those old timers who think the modern thrash scene can’t make any good music anymore, this album was quite literally made exactly for you.


Black Star