This is such a fucking stupid album. It’s legit just the most blatant clean sparkly pop metal album I’ve heard so far this year. Why the fuck is it so good?

Idk, I think these guys have finally managed to embrace their identity with the right amount of self awareness and sincere dedication to making really stupid music that they enjoy that they ended up making my favorite metal album so far this year. Or maybe my taste has gotten worse over time, who knows. Reptile is one of the best pop metal songs of the decade. It’s riddled with dumb cliches but it still manages to be so damn dynamic and epic that I can’t help but love it.

To put it another way, this album manages to take all the cliches about other bands similar to periphery and uses them to make the album they all fucking wish they were making. Like I guess if theres some odd thousand albums just like this, one of them is bound to be as epic and well made as all the others thought they were. Congrats I guess, the dice rolls managed to finally go through and create a dope album. Now please no one ever try to make something like this again. There isn’t going to be another pop prog/metalcore album that has a synthwave metal song in it that’s also insanely good. The genre is over, you can go home now.